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health equipment information
What is your profession? (Explain for high school students)?

I am a medical technologist with a Bachelor of Science Degree that I earned in the Allied Health Program at LSUHSC. I work in the laboratory of a large truama hospital. I process and analyze blood, urine, body fluids and tissues to give doctors much of the information they need to treat that patient. The majority of these tests will be carried out "Stat" because the majority of our Patients are critical, and the doctor must answer quickly. We operate, monitor and troubleshoot high precision equipment that automates some of this analysis, However, many aspects of the laboratory are still manual, such as microscopic work. There are several areas in the lab that you can rotate through, It's like a different job every day: Chemistry, coagulation, urine, microbiology, toxicology, hematology, receiving, and blood bank. This is an opportunity to get in the medical field without much contact with patients (the Most programs require you to draw blood from patients to learn). I love it!

I am a lunch lady at a secondary school. Most high school students Know what that is. But do not serve all students. I am the cashier. We also serve other jobs in addition to, or only among the students money. We wash to clean, dishes Soak and power levels. We get in our food and we have to pound the freezer minus 10 degrees, had the boxes up to 50 wt. We need to have the lines, temps and take all the food. We make our own ranch and then they have to pour into small cups for sale for 50 cents. A lot of new people come to think of work as difficult it is to serve children. So more than just her serve. His hard work. It is a job in 8 hours 4 hours set. Its really fast. So always the lunch ladies (there are those who prepare your food LOL) I was going to work there for 5 years and just love it very much. I have great respect for students, who I was. I treat her, as she herself want to be treated. I'm like the nice lunch lady known

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